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11 Low-Key Outfits Everyone Will Want to Wear This December

It can be difficult to know what to wear in December when cold weather is undeniable and your schedule is packed. With freezing days to navigate, get-togethers to go to, big meals to eat (stretchy trousers are really the dream ticket), glitzy parties to attend (even if your numbers are small), workdays to still power through (wherever you may be carrying them out) and some cosy lounging moments to enjoy, multiple trendy winter outfits are required—this we know. Assembling them, however, is a different story. Striking the perfect balance between being warm and looking stylish isn’t an easy task, but don’t worry. We have a solution.

We’ve looked to the stylish people we follow on Instagram to bring you some much-needed outfit inspiration for the month ahead. Whether your old winter coat needs replacing or you’re looking for ensembles that you can wear from your home-office desk direct to last-minute drinks on a Friday night, our chic friends have got you. Scroll on to see exactly what to wear in December, and you’ll see out the year on fashion form.

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