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5 Brands With the Cutest Wide Width Shoes | The Curvy Fashionista

For a long time, the only styles offered in wide width shoes were boring and not trendy at all. And it’s easy to feel like you can’t complete an outfit if you’re unable to find a shoe to finish it off.

So, whether you’re sure you have wide feet or you’ve noticed your foot feels cramped in a typical shoe, check out this list of brands you can shop with for a more comfortable shoe-wearing experience!

5 Wide Width Shoe Brands

1. Wydr Studios

Wydr Studios was created by a group of friends who were disheartened by other footwear brands’ disinterest in creating a world where shoes symbolize empowerment and inclusivity.

As Wydr Studios built their brand, they actually sent prototypes out to customers to test and get feedback. We love a brand committed to ensuring the best fit and that customers get styles they actually want.

Image via @wydrstudios

Boots are the main focus on their site right now, likely due to the season, and they carry sizes 6-12 in wide widths. Their heels offer support up to 440 lbs, which I’m sure is something a lot of us don’t even think about – that heels and shoes are also typically created with smaller-bodied people in mind. The fact that Wydr Studios is doing evidence-based inclusivity work is fantastic!


Did you know they carry more than just plus size clothes? In fact, their wide fit shoes are offered in sizes up to a US 15! Multiple styles are available, too, including boots, sandals, and heels. 

wide width shoes - Image via @livandherlifestyle
Image via @livandherlifestyle

ASOS has a great selection of the latest and coolest styles, so you don’t feel left out when a new shoe trend comes along. Plus, the brand has been extending their shoe sizes, so the options keep on getting better and better.

3. WalMart

WalMart not only carries sizes 4-12, but they also have different sizes of width, including wide, extra wide, and extra extra wide. So if you’ve ever thought that even wide width options aren’t quite wide enough, there are additional options!

wide width shoes - Image via @saversisters
Image via @saversisters

4. Shoe Show

Shoe Show Mega/Shoe Dept Encore offers wide width shoes in sizes 5-14. Boots, sneakers, dressy flats— you name it, and they likely carry it. They have very affordable options, and you actually may be able to find a store of theirs near you if you like to try them on in real life.

wide width shoes - Image via @shoeshow
Image via @shoeshow

5. Torrid

Torrid consistently delivers high-quality plus size-focused fashion (even since its inception), and their selection of wide width shoes isn’t any exception. Torrid is a go-to for a lot of plus size women with wide feet or large calves. The designs are up-to-date and help all the wide width fashion girlies keep up with changing styles without breaking the bank. Torrid offers sizes 6-13 in wide width.

wide width shoes - Image via @torrid
Image via @torrid

We hope this list gave you an idea of where to start when trying to build a new look. Sometimes all you need is some footwear inspiration to create an entire outfit around. Especially with winter quickly approaching, a good boot would be a great addition to your closet! And they should be boots that not only look good but that fit!

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