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5 Joyful And Elegant Shades Zara Predicts Will Be Big This Summer

Don’t let the intermittent weather fool you, the seasonal shift is upon us. Summer has arrived, though tentatively, and the countdown to blazing sunshine and holidays is well underway. By now, you may already be guiding linens back into your wardrobe, adding breezy skirts into the mix, and swapping out leather totes for seasonal woven styles. Alongside these summer classics, I’ve noticed that when the brighter days arrive, there’s a new draw to colour that even the most staunch minimalists find hard to resist.

With a background of sunny skies and azure waters on its way, many of us find ourselves reaching to reflect the influx of colour that’s replacing the grey days. Be it in small doses through accessories, or bolder dress ensembles, those injections of joyful hues into our wardrobes are destined. And one brand that’s ready to breathe new life by way of brilliant shades into our looks is Zara.

(Image credit: Zara)

By now, you’re probably well acquainted with our adoration of the high street. From tracking down the most expensive-looking pieces to putting new collections to the test, affordable shopping is something we take very seriously. Through our many encounters with our favourite brands, we often find ourselves turning back to Zara, as it consistently offers elevated styles and contemporary designs ready to revitalise our everyday looks.