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7 Anti-Trend Outfits People in London, Paris and Stockholm Are Wearing Right Now

In a world where can trends are born in an instant and can die just as quickly, it’s little wonder that the term “anti-trend” has become so appealing. As editors, we naturally thrive on keeping up to date with the latest looks and predicting what will make our wardrobes feel current for the season ahead, but there will always be something to be said for a timeless aesthetic that transcends the ebb and flow of passing fashion moments. That’s where anti-trend outfits come in.

Anti-trend outfits offer a refreshing departure from the constant cycle of “What’s next?”. What I find most interesting is how the classic pieces that come together in an anti-trend outfit also coexist quite harmoniously with any statement, personality-flaunting items you fall for along the way. In my opinion, a well-rounded wardrobe will boast pieces from each of these categories, and by incorporating these elements into your wardrobe, you’ll have the ability to create polished looks with ease and unlock a multitude of new outfit combinations.

Whilst they can provide the perfect backdrop to bolder clothing choices, anti-trend items also work beautifully when worn together, and the next seven outfits from some of my favourite influencers are a testament to this. These looks, which come via Instagram from London, Paris, Stockholm and New York, are outfits you can throw on at whim and know you’re still going to look stylish. They all utilise basics such as jeans, shirts and simple dresses in a mostly neutral colour palette for optimum versatility. 

Continue on to see the anti-trend outfits we’re keeping on standby for the weeks and months ahead.

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