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Adele leans on ‘insider’ Rich Paul for big Hollywood break

Adele leans on ‘insider’ Rich Paul for big Hollywood break

Adele’s beau Rich Paul has big plans for her in store.

According to a source privy to Life & Style, the singer, who announced her marriage to the sports agent in November, will be profiting off her husband who reportedly has “all the inside connections.”

“Rich is a big thinker, and that has served him incredibly well over the last ​20 years in business and over the last few years that he’s been with Adele,” the insider said.

The tipster dwelled on the fact that despite her fame, Adele has always been treated like “an outsider.”

“For Adele, there’s always been a disconnect between her enormous popularity and power when it comes to recording music and the way she has been treated in Hollywood, which is mostly like an outsider,” they explained.

On the other hand, Rich has made resourceful connections in the industry in the past twenty years.

“Rich, on the other hand, is the ultimate insider and very comfortable making things happen behind the scenes. He is going to be a major leader in the sports and agency businesses for decades to come.,” they continued, adding that how he’s going to help Adele is still a mystery.

The tipster concluded, “The big question in front of him right now is how to help Adele get to the next level, get some serious Hollywood-based projects in the pipeline, and become more of a multimedia brand the way so many of Rich’s long-term clients have become.”

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