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Andy Cohen admits he’s ‘always waiting’ to be canceled

Andy Cohen has confessed that he’s “always waiting” to get canceled.

The 56-year-old comedian shared his candid thoughts about working in the reality TV world during an interview with Vulture, published on June 3. He admitted that he often wonders when he’s going to be canceled by people on the internet.

“It’s fascinating to me, the idea that you could say something and everything would be pulled away from you,” the former executive president of development and talent at Bravo said.

He further admitted that he’s constantly worried about being canceled, which typically occurs when a public figure receives immense criticism on the internet for their behavior.

“Sometimes at night I’ll be in bed and I’ll think: ‘Huh, did I say something,’” Cohen added. “I’m always waiting for the thing that’s going to make it all fall down.”

The Watch What Happens Live host acknowledged that at an upcoming event the 92nd Street Y in New York City, he considered reading an excerpt from his 2012 memoir, Most Talkative. However, he confessed that he was skeptical about this, due to how the audience may react to his work.

“You have to be smart about what you say because there’s no nuance anymore. People are just waiting to be outraged by every little thing,” he continued.

Cohen’s comments come months after he was accused of sexual harassment by former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member Brandi Glanville. In February, Glanville claimed in a letter that an “inebriated” Cohen sent her an inappropriate video message in 2022 stating “his intention to sleep with another Bravo star that night while thinking of her and invited her to watch via Facetime”.

The letter – which was sent by her lawyer, Bryan Freedman, to Bravo’s parent company NBCUniversal, Shed Media and Shed’s parent company Warner Bros Discovery – added that she felt both “trapped” and “disgusted” by Cohen’s “extraordinary abuse of power.”

Hours after Glanville’s letter went public, Cohen tweeted his own statement. “The video shows [Below Deck’s] Kate Chastain and I very clearly joking to Brandi. It was absolutely meant in jest, and Brandi’s response clearly communicated she was in on the joke,” Cohen wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter. “That said, it was totally inappropriate and I apologize.”

Glanville’s legal team then responded to Cohen’s statement in a letter shared with The Daily Beast. “Why is Andy Cohen getting a pass? Any other supervisor at Comcast who did that would be fired on the spot especially if the excuse was that this was a joke,” they said.

“If it was such a known joke then why did he apologize? Because he knows he is in a position of power to control where and how much she works so he can do what he wants and behave in a fashion that is abusive and harassing,” the statement continued.

In addition, Real Housewives of New York star Leah McSweeney also alleged in February that Cohen had a “proclivity” for cocaine usage and “tends to provide Housewives with whom he uses cocaine with more favorable treatment and edits.”

However, last month, Cohen was cleared of misconduct claims against him made by Glanville and McSweeney, following Bravo executives’ external investigation.

“The outside investigation into the recent allegations made by Brandi Glanville and Leah McSweeney against Andy Cohen has now been completed,” it read. “The claims were found to be unsubstantiated.”

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