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Ariana Grande drops sweet comments after brother’s surgery

Ariana Grande drops sweet comments after brother’s surgery

Frankie Grande went under the knife for a nose job, and his sister Ariana Grande is supporting him.

On his Instagram, the 41-year-old shared a post which saw him in bandages after having a plastic surgery.

He captioned, “New nose. Who dis?” The Grammy winner meanwhile slid under his comment section and dropped her encouraging remarks. “Perfect in all ways, always !!!.”

Ariana Grande drops sweet comments after brothers surgery

In another post, Frankie seems less bruised and bandaged up, “Took my new nose out to see New York. She loved The Wiz,” he penned in a selfie that which showed her nose to be only taped up.

Besides this, Ariana’s brother gave an update on the photo-sharing platform on the process of healing. 

“Today I got the cast off my nose and it just like blew up like a balloon, which apparently is supposed to happen,” he continued. “But it freaked me out a teeny bit. But still very excited.”

Like the Grammy winner’s sweet words, Frankie previously called his sister the “best.”

“I want to take a moment to thank the BEST sister in the world for being there for me through thick and thin.”

He continued, “From helping me with my sobriety journey to showing up for me at big moments in my life and career.”

“You are the best sister anyone could ask for and I’m eternally proud of you and all the sunshine you continue to spread in this world.”

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