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Asda and Tesco face legal action over E. coli outbreak

Fieldfisher said the claim against Asda related to a young girl who contracted E. coli after eating an own-brand chicken salad sandwich from the supermarket.

“The girl, aged 11, developed the serious condition haemolytic uraemic syndrome (HUS), which attacks the kidneys and has been on dialysis for three weeks,” it said.

“She was discharged home two days ago but could be at risk of permanent kidney damage. Her mother bought three of the sandwiches as part of an online delivery.”

An Asda spokesman said that it had not yet received any letter from Fieldfisher regarding these claims, but added: “As soon as we do we will review the details of the claim as a matter of urgency.”

Harvinder Kaur, a director at Fieldfisher, told the PA News agency earlier on Friday that she had issued a separate letter to Tesco on behalf of a man from the South East.

He was also hospitalised with E. coli symptoms after eating Tesco-branded sandwiches containing salad, the law firm claims.

“Luckily, this client did not go on to develop HUS and is now home, but for a time he was seriously ill,” she said.

“Under the Act, companies producing food must ensure it is safe to eat.

“If it causes illness, it is a breach of their duty and those injured are eligible to claim compensation, not least to fund possible ongoing medical care.”

She added that the man was a “regular shopper” at Tesco, buying his lunch there most weekdays as it was very close to his work.

The BBC understands Tesco has yet to receive the letter from Fieldfisher.

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