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Bride amuses viewers with unusual reception entrance

A bride is receiving immense praise for her unique reception entrance.

On 21 November, the popular wedding TikTok account (@weddingideas8) posted footage from the celebration. The video, which has now gained over 17.4 million views on the app alone, showed the bride peeking out over a tall balcony inside the reception hall. A white gate was swung open for the woman to step off the edge and descend onto the floor below.

To perform the entrance, the bride clutched her long veil with one hand and held on to a bungee cord nailed to the ceiling with the other. She took a deep breath and gazed over the edge at all the people below. As soon as the beat dropped in the song, the bride stepped off the edge and slowly swung to her feet. Her guests cheered as she landed graciously, letting go of the expanding rope above.

“Best bride entrance ever,” the on-screen caption read.

The woman’s unique entrance was met with a myriad of commenters, some commending her for the rare entry and others admitting it was a bit anti-climactic.

“The end is soooo awkward like okay now what,” one critic wrote, while another said: “Unnecessary and awkward.”

However, others enjoyed the drama of the entry, with one person writing: “Everybody is so creative.”

“As soon as she opened the stair thing, my nerves got bad. This was a pleasant surprise, congrats,” a fan proclaimed.

A few shocked viewers noted how they wouldn’t have had the nerves to pull off the jump and pointed out how easy the bride made the descent look.

“The way I would’ve fell,” one TikToker added, while another remarked: “I would have dislocated my arm.”

“So cute buuut I wouldn’t risk it on my big day lmao,” one viewer confessed.

Other viral moments posted by the wedding account include the time a bride thought her first dance was ruined when a man started singing to her and her husband.

In the footage posted on 19 November with over 4.6 million views, the bride is captured screaming and running away as soon as famed musical artist Mark Wills began to sing. With a smile on his face, the woman’s husband walked over to his shocked bride to ease her.

“Her reaction was fantastic!!! Makes me smile cry,” one viewer admitted, while another fan agreed, writing: “I’d lose my mind.”

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