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BT to refund EE and Plusnet customers over exit fees

The punishment relates to consumer protection rules which came into force in 2022.

They state customers should be given “clear and simple” details of a contract before they sign up.

Affected customers who are still with BT have been given the opportunity to walk away from their contract without being charged, or request the information which should have been given to them at the start.

But Ofcom said customers who have already left may have been charged exit fees – and in these cases BT has five months to refund the fees it took from them.

The regulator said that BT knew “from as early as January 2022” that it would not meet the deadline of June 2022 for all of its customers.

“Some sales channels are still non-compliant and BT is still not providing the required information at the right time to some customers,” it said.

BT has three months to make these methods of selling products compliant with the rules.

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