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Can MPs help to level up the UK games industry?

According to industry trade body UK Interactive Entertainment (UKIE) there are more than 2,000 gaming businesses in Britain.

Like Dundee, towns and cities such as Manchester, Guildford, Cambridge and Brighton are home to clusters of large and small games developers, external.

Team Terrible staff Fergus Coyne and Jonathan Rodger say they’ve benefited from having other people in the industry close by.

“People nearby that share the same passion as you do, you’re never feeling alone,” says Jonathan, a Dundee native.

“You can talk to people about projects, you basically are fighting the same battles.”

Both studied in the city before finding jobs in gaming, and say having a community around them is a bonus.

But Fergus, who’s originally from Stirling, says the industry is a “scary place” at the moment, and believes more could be done to help developers.

“As of now, gaming’s still not recognised as its own sector,” he says.

“It’s lumped in with the screen industry, which includes film and TV.

“So having it not recognised in its entirety doesn’t really bode well for us feeling like we’re being represented.

“There’s more talking happening, but there’s still been no concrete information coming through.”

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