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Chahat Fateh Ali Khan’s Badoo Badi ‘deleted’ by YouTube — once again

Self-proclaimed singer Chahat Fateh Ali Khan. — Screengrab via Instagram/@chahat_fateh_ali_khan

Self-proclaimed singer Chahat Fateh Ali Khan’s joy of having his recently-popular track Badoo Badi back on his YouTube channel was short-lived, as it was once again deleted by the video-sharing platform.

The internet sensation, a day earlier, was rejoicing the return of his video that garnered nearly 30 million views after it went viral and was widely used in Instagram Reels and TikTok videos around the world.

According to the singer, soon after the strike on his video — placed after complaint by the official channel of the late legendary singer, Noorjahan — was lifted, the video was deleted again after it was reported for copyright infringement by another channel.

Earlier, after the video was first deleted, the singer had released another video of the same song, which also received a copyright strike. YouTube, however, did not delete the video but the impact of the strike stopped the it from being monetised.

Last week, the singer also released Bado Badi 2, the second rendition of his viral song on Eid-ul-Adha, but had decided not to upload it on YouTube.

Chahat told Geo News he will not be using the song on YouTube in order to avoid being in trouble again.

The new version features a new model and her name is not known yet. The original video had featured model Wajdan Rao who fell out with Chahat making accusations that the singer paid her only Rs5,000 for her work.

The Bado Badi 2 has been released on Chahat’s official Facebook, X, and Instagram accounts. Chahat said that he will be releasing a series of Bado Bado versions.

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