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College student says her professor failed her assignment without explanation

A university student has claimed she received an “F” grade on her assignment and was met with silence from her professor.

TikToker and college student Emma (@megamindurbusiness) opened up about her unfortunate situation in a video that has now received over 1.1 million views. “I just had a prof fail me for an assignment,” she proclaimed in the 16 November post.

Emma went on to explain how her disappointing grade led her to the assumption she didn’t “understand” the assignment. So, to correct her misinterpretation, she emailed her professor to inquire about the grade. However, the educator wasn’t willing to correct her mistakes and explain the right answers.

Instead, his emailed response read: “I have enough papers to grade. I do not give individual feedback.”

“Am I just magically supposed to know what I did wrong?” Emma questioned after seeing her professor’s reply.

The determined student wouldn’t allow her teacher to get away without an explanation for failing her assignment. In a follow-up video, Emma confessed to emailing her professor back and calling him out for his “inappropriate response”. On top of that, she requested feedback on her work again, as well as a reconsideration of her grade. And to ensure her message was clear, she CC’d the professor’s direct supervisor on the email.

Ultimately, her grade was bumped from an “F” to a “C,” according to the TikToker, but Emma never got the one-on-one conversation she wanted.

In the comments section of her original post, fellow students shared their frustration while sharing similar situations with teachers.

“INDIVIDUAL FEEDBACK IS LITERALLY WHAT GRADING IS,” one follower proclaimed, while another wrote: “It’s fine to not give feedback on every paper, but when a student asks you answer!!”

“Unless it’s multiple choice, feedback should be obligatory. Go to the head of the department or the dean,” one woman suggested before Emma had sent her reply.

Another student said: “I had a teacher do this. She refused to give feedback, or even tell us which answers were wrong. We all reported her at the end of the semester.”

“I asked my prof to look at my work to see if I was doing it right, he said it’s not his job to ‘walk me through assignments.’ So what is your job, sir?” another rhetorically asked.

One individual admitted: “I’d normally say definitely appeal the grade, but I once had a prof get so offended that they threatened to sue for defamation.”

“I would be sprinting to the department head with everyone who had even a remotely similar experience. Bring receipts. Hopefully he said it over email,” another TikTok user added.

The Independent has contacted Emma for a comment.

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