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Daisy May Cooper shares heartwarming video of newborn son in NICU ward

This Country star Daisy May Cooper has welcomed a baby boy a week early following what she described on as a “scary” labour.

The 37-year-old Bafta-winning actor announced the news in an Instagram video on Sunday (9 June). The footage shows Cooper being wheeled to an incubator where her baby, named Benji, is sleeping.

“What a bloody week,” began Cooper, who first shot to fame for mockumentaryThis Country, written and starring her and sibling Charlie Cooper.

“You came a bit earlier than we expected and gave me the worst post-op constipation that I nearly had to phone The Samaritans. But my god, you are perfect.”

She went on to thank staff at Gloucestershire Hospital for their help throughout what she described as a frightening process.

“I cannot thank @deliverysuitegrh enough. The way you looked after us through such a scary time was above and beyond. you are all bloody superstars. I am so blessed.”

Cooper gave birth to her third child on Thursday (6 June) and added, “Welcome to the world little Benji, ya nutter.”

Video and pictures from the hospital appear to show Benji being cared for on a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).

(Instagram @daisymaycooper)

However, Cooper appeared to be in good spirits as she shared pictures of herself tenderly holding her new child, along with hilarious captions.

“Telling him about the new J-Lo documentary and how Ben Affleck and J-Lo were a thing in 2004,” she wrote.

Meanwhile, another picture read, “Telling him here, how Geri Halliwell f***ed the Spice Girls by pursuing her solo career.”

It was revealed that Cooper was pregnant with her new partner Ant, earlier this year. She met the Bristol-based artist on Hinge, and described him as the “new Jesus Christ”.

“He doesn’t want to compete with me. He earns £1,500 a month and he’s the sweetest, kindest, most chilled-out man,” she told Fabulous Mag.

“Now I understand a relationship shouldn’t be rowing at 3am, then walking out and turning your phone off. That’s not what love is.

“Love is being able to live together on a day-to-day basis, enjoying each other’s company, being completely yourself and having that accepted.”

Cooper previously told The Independent that her divorce from her husband Will Weston in 2021 came after the success of This Country.

“You know, when one part of your life is going well, it shines a spotlight on another part of your life that’s completely f***ing dysfunctional and falling apart? That’s what it did for me,” she said. “Obviously with my relationship but also in how I felt about myself.”

She explained her new concerns would ordinarily be reserved for those with the privilege and luxury to think about their own needs and act upon them. When you’re poor, she explained, “you don’t have time to delve into depression or how you feel about yourself, because you’re literally just trying to get to the end of the day.”

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