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Demi Moore ‘was already struggling’ while dating Jon Cryer

Demi Moore ‘was already struggling’ while dating Jon Cryer 

Jon Cryer just recalled his dynamics and relationship with former costar, Demi Moore.

The Disclosure star revealed in her memoir, Inside Out, she revealed that she had slept with the Two and a Half Men actor in 1984 while they were working together on the film, No Small Affair.

As the actors co-starred in the project, neither of the two were well known, and art took on the face of real life as they briefly dated while making the film.

“We dated for a short time while we were working on No Small Affair, but I guess our particular affair was, in fact, pretty small,” the 59-year-old said, who is featured in the new documentary BRATS, which is to stream on Hulu, June 13, directed by Andrew McCarthy.

“She was already struggling with a drug problem. One that I was blissfully unaware of until a couple of weeks before the movie ended,” he further told PEOPLE.

In the 1980s the 61-year-old producer went to rehab for drug and alcohol addiction.

Demi Moore then remained sober for 20 years before relapsing in 2012, which led her back to rehab for her addiction problem as well an eating disorder, according the outlet.

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