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Dr Sophie Shotter Launches Podcast On How To Age Well, And Live Well

To those who are in search for the next beauty Podcast series that’s not only educational but full of practical tips, you are in luck. Multi-award winning and named one of the top experts in the aesthetic medicine industry, Dr Sophie Shotter has just launched her debut Podcast program this month: Age Well with Dr Sophie Shotter.

An aesthetic doctor with a keen interest in bio-hacking and longevity medicine, Dr Shotter considers aesthetic medicine to be all about the 360 approach to ageing well: “A quick tweak is never enough if someones lifestyle is accelerating their ageing.” The first season, featuring seven episodes and each delving deep into one specific topic, sees Dr Shotter covering the latest trends and developments in skincare, longevity, and aesthetics — all with a science-based approach and a focus on inner health and wellness.

“The podcast was born both from areas that I’m interested in and spend a lot of time reading about, and also from conversations I have with my patients in clinic,” speaking of what prompted her to produce her own series, Dr Shotter says. “Increasingly we are all interested in ageing better, in every way. Inside and outside, we want to be the best version of ourselves. At the same time we are also bombarded with information, and I speak to so many patients who are confused. So with this podcast I’m hoping to help provide credible data led information and debunk a few myths, to empower people to age as the best version of themselves.”

Nowadays, Dr Shotter’s patient programs — mostly focusing on aesthetic results — more often than not also include testing on hormones, vitamin levels, and DNA, as well as advice in relation to sleep, meditation, nutrition, exercise, supplements, and more. A firm believer that ageing can be considered a disease, Dr Shotter says she is “constantly seeking out new studies, methods, hacks and products that can help [her] patients and followers improve their day-to-day lives and stave off disease.”

Dr Shotter points out that to many, especially herself, living well and ageing well go hand in hand. “We now have published data which shows that skin with wrinkles and other signs of ageing is, as our largest organ, releasing inflammatory mediators into the bloodstream which have a direct impact on other organs such as the heart and the brain. It is all interconnected.”

Despite having offered plenty educational information to her followers on social media, Dr Shotter says that podcasting offers a unique opportunity for long-form content with a bit more nuance and detail. “Ultimately, podcasting will also enable me to talk more deeply about my own philosophy which is very much a science-based approach. I aim to give people around 30 minutes to eavesdrop in on an accessible (and hopefully fun) conversation, leaving them feeling informed and empowered.”

When asked which episode is her favorite, Dr Shotter says she genuinely loves them all, but reluctantly picks the biohacking one — for now. “I think it’s something that is such an exciting space at the moment. But one of my favorites is still to come — the emotional impact of ageing, just to give a little tease. We have recorded quite a few ahead of time and there’s no end in sight — we are full of ideas to share from the magic of mushrooms to gut health to regenerative aesthetics and what is beyond the injectables we’ve all heard of.”

The conversations, hosted by journalist and writer Fiona Mattesini, cover a series of topics with in-depth discussion about tweakments and treatments, as well as other related subjects such as why sleep is crucial for longevity and health span.

Age Well with Dr Sophie Shotter is available on all major platforms including Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

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