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Emma Roberts finds ‘new man’ for herself

Emma Roberts finds ‘new man’ for herself

Emma Roberts has found a “new man” for herself and he is not an actor.

Speaking with Flaunt magazine, the 33-year-old actress revealed that she no longer “wants to date actors anymore” and shared that her new boyfriend is not a part of the “Hollywood crowd.”

“One day the veil was lifted and I didn’t want to date actors anymore. It’s hard, I think, for two actors to be together,” explained Emma, who split from Garrett Hedlund in 2022.

“I’m trying to think if I’ve seen it done successfully,” said the Madame Web star, whose actor father, Eric Roberts, has been married for 30 years to actress Eliza Garrett.

“Also, the actors I’ve been with border on method actors, and that is something that I think is extremely difficult to be in a relationship with – at least for me, especially the characters that they were playing,” she added.

However, the mother of one didn’t reveal any more details about her new mystery man, jokingly sharing that he is “online” right now.  

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