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England vs Australia LIVE: T20 World Cup latest score and updates from Barbados


England take on Australia in their second match of the T20 World Cup after their opener against Scotland was washed out in Barbados.

The old rivalry between the two nations, which came to a head during the Ashes last summer, will be reignited when they face each other at the Kensington Oval.

England went into the tournament as the defending champions, but their first match was not one they or the tournament would have wanted. Just 10 overs were possible and everyone was left frustrated, including those in red who had two of their four warm up games on home soil washed out without a ball being bowled.

Australia’s preparations have been a bit smoother, they arrived in the Caribbean when England were still facing rain delays at home, but had to use some of their coaching staff to make up numbers in warm-up matches.

Follow all the live action from the T20 World Cup match in the blog below


Wicket! Warner out for 39, Australia 70-1 (5)- Head 30, Ali 1-18 (2)

Ali will have another as England try and stem the flow of runs. It doesn’t work, Head drives down the ground for four, the ball was too full and he got too much on it for Jordan to stop.

Head goes down the ground next ball and it’s another six!

Ali bowls a better length, and it’s still gone for four as Warner swats the ball away to the rope.

And Warner has gone! England desperately needed that! The Aussie opener was bowled.

Sonia Twigg8 June 2024 18:23


Australia 55-0 (4) Head 19, Warner 35, Wood 0-22 (1)

Mark Wood has his chance now, Warner flicks the ball to the boundary for six, it was in at his pads and the ball is just flicked away.

He goes leg side again and the ball sails over the player’s dugouts, and again it’s consecutive sixes, the next ball doesn’t have any width and is just fended back to the bowler by Warner.

Another six from Warner, a full toss has been punished, and that one has flown a long way, 92 metres!

Slower, shorter into the pitch, and it’s pulled in front of square for a four this time.

Sonia Twigg8 June 2024 18:18


Australia 33-0 (3), Head 19, Warner 13, Archer 0-8 (1)

Now it’s time for pace, Archer tosses the ball in his hand.

Warner chips the ball in the air, but it’s wide of Jordan at mid on…already it’s a good start. The Aussies sprint through for a very tight single after a good delivery from Archer.

Warner tries to create room, Archer went too straight and it’s a wide, the first extra of the match.

Another miss-timed ball and it loops just over cover.

Sonia Twigg8 June 2024 18:12


Australia 25-0 (2) Head 18, Warner 7, Jacks 0-22 (1)

More offspin from England, Will Jacks, sporting a short haircut has ball in hand, this gamble hasn’t quite played off and Head sweeps a full delivery for six to the short boundary.

He goes again the next ball and has consecutive sixes, this is great batting from Head. The Aussie opener is picking the length so well.

Mark Wood has to sprint to the third man rope to prevent another boundary from the third ball of the over. An offspinner to the short leg side boundary was interesting, the first over gamble paid off, but Warner has his first six of the match.

That was a poor over from England.

Sonia Twigg8 June 2024 18:07


Australia 3-0 (1) Head 3, Warner 0, Ali 0-3 (1)

Head defends the first ball out into the covers, and it could be a clever move from Buttler to take the pace off.

They do score the first run the next ball but just along the ground for two, and the next is tamely played straight back to Ali for a dot ball.

Cries of ‘oooh’ as Head goes back to a ball that grips and bounces past the bat but over the stumps and into Buttler’s gloves.

A very good start for England, just three runs from the first over.

Sonia Twigg8 June 2024 18:03


England vs Australia

For all that talk of pace, Moeen Ali is just going through some warm up deliveries and is preparing to bowl first to Travis Head.

Sonia Twigg8 June 2024 17:59


England vs Australia

England have just had their pre-game huddle after the anthems and the match is about to get underway.

Sonia Twigg8 June 2024 17:58


England vs Australia

The players will come out on to the field to start the match in just five minutes’ time.

There will be some explosive firepower from England on display at the start of the innings as Mark Wood and Jofra Archer prepare to open against Travis Head and David Warner.

Sonia Twigg8 June 2024 17:55


England vs Australia

This could be the final outing of a historic rivalry between David Warner and England.

The Australian opener played his last Ashes Test last summer, his last 50-over World Cup in the Autumn and this will be his final international tournament.

David Warner is cricket’s pantomime villain. England fans love to hate him, and even Australians are not in agreement over what they think of the left-handed opener.

Sonia Twigg8 June 2024 17:50


Sonia Twigg8 June 2024 17:45

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