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Eruption: James Patterson finishes Crichton passion project

Jurassic Park author Michael Crichton died from cancer over 15 years ago – now, his unfinished “passion project”, about a humanity-threatening volcanic eruption, has been completed by fellow literary giant James Patterson and is already generating heated interest in Hollywood.

Eruption takes readers on a thrilling journey through Hawaii’s biggest island, which, unbeknown to its residents, hides dangerous military secrets dating back decades.

There has been no formal screen auction yet – but Sherri Crichton, who discovered her late husband’s unfinished manuscript over a decade ago and controls his estate, told BBC News she was now in talks with Steven Spielberg about a possible big-screen adaptation.

Crichton’s earlier works, such as Twister, Westworld and ER, have sold for huge amounts, making him one of the world’s most successful book, film and television writers – even in death.

“We have an incredible amount of interest,” Patterson told me in a joint interview with Sherri, “including five or so stars who’ve raised their hands, a lot of filmmakers, studios.

“When Jurassic Park came out, Michael and Steven Spielberg figured out a way to elevate the genre – and it was quite wonderful and different – and I think that’s what we’re hoping to do with this.

“We have partners in mind where the spirit of this will be not to make just another disaster movie.”

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