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Euro 2024 semi-final fixtures, dates and kick-off times

Euro 2024 nears its finale after the last eight teams were whittled down to four ahead of the semi-finals.

Germany, Portugal, Switzerland and Turkey all fell at the quarter-final stage, as Spain set up a mouth-watering clash with France and England squeezed through to face Netherlands.

The semi-finals will be played on Tuesday and Wednesday night, before Sunday’s final in Berlin.

Here is the full fixture schedule for the Euro 2024 knockout stages:

Euro 2024 knockouts (all times BST)

June 29

Round of 16, Berlin: Switzerland 2-0 Italy

Round of 16, Dortmund: Germany 2-0 Denmark

June 30

Round of 16, Gelsenkirchen: England 2-1 Slovakia (aet)

Round of 16, Cologne: Spain 4-1 Georgia

July 1

Round of 16, Dusseldorf: France 1-0 Belgium

Round of 16, Frankfurt: Portugal 0-0 Slovenia (3-0 pens)

July 2

Round of 16, Munich: Romania 0-3 Netherlands

Round of 16, Leipzig: Austria 1-2 Turkey

July 5

Quarter-final 1, Stuttgart: Spain 1-1 Germany (2-1 aet)

Quarter-final 2, Hamburg: Portugal 0-0 France (4-5 pens)

July 6

Quarter-final 4, Dusseldorf: England 1-1 Switzerland (5-3 pens)

Quarter-final 3, Berlin: Netherlands 2-1 Turkey

July 9

Semi-final, Munich: Spain v France (2000)

July 10

Semi-final Dortmund: Netherlands v England (2000)

July 14

Final, Berlin (2000)

Full group stage results

Friday, June 14

Group A, Munich: Germany 5-1 Scotland

June 15

Group A, Cologne: Hungary 1-3 Switzerland

Group B, Berlin: Spain 3-0 Croatia

Group B, Dortmund: Italy 2-1 Albania

June 16

Group D, Hamburg: Poland 1-2 Netherlands

Group C, Stuttgart: Slovenia 1-1 Denmark

Group C, Gelsenkirchen: Serbia 0-1 England

June 17

Group E, Munich: Romania 3-0 Ukraine

Group E, Frankfurt: Belgium 0-1 Slovakia

Group D, Dusseldorf: Austria 0-1 France

June 18

Group F, Dortmund: Turkey 3-1 Georgia

Group F, Leipzig: Portugal 2-1 Czechia

June 19

Group B, Hamburg: Croatia 2-2 Albania

Group A, Stuttgart: Germany 2-0 Hungary

Group A, Cologne: Scotland 1-1 Switzerland

June 20

Group C, Munich: Slovenia 1-1 Serbia

Group C, Frankfurt: Denmark 1-1 England

Group B, Gelsenkirchen: Spain 1-0 Italy

June 21

Group E, Dusseldorf: Slovakia 1-2 Ukraine

Group D, Berlin: Poland 1-3 Austria

Group D, Leipzig: Netherlands 0-0 France

June 22

Group F, Hamburg: Georgia 1-1 Czechia

Group F, Dortmund: Turkey 0-3 Portugal

Group E, Cologne: Belgium 2-0 Romania

June 23

Group A, Frankfurt: Switzerland 1-1 Germany

Group A, Stuttgart: Scotland 0-1 Hungary

June 24

Group B, Leipzig: Croatia 1-1 Italy

Group B, Dusseldorf: Albania 0-1 Spain

June 25

Group D, Berlin: Netherlands 2-3 Austria

Group D, Dortmund: France 1-1 Poland

Group C, Cologne: England 0-0 Slovenia

Group C, Munich: Denmark 0-0 Serbia

June 26

Group E. Frankfurt: Slovakia 1-1 Romania

Group E, Stuttgart: Ukraine 0-0 Belgium

Group F, Hamburg: Czechia 1-2 Turkey

Group F, Gelsenkirchen: Georgia 2-0 Portugal

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