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Fashion People Are Standing Behind These 5 Controversial Engagement Ring Trends

Although I can’t believe I’m admitting this on Beyoncé’s internet, for years, I’ve secretly wanted the craziest engagement ring in the room. The type of ring that people raise their eyebrows at or half-heartedly say, “Oh! That’s really different!,” in lieu of gushing compliments. Maybe it’s my superiority and individuality complex or the fact that I work in fashion but, more often than not, I’m finding myself gravitating towards non-traditional, almost controversial engagement ring trends. My friends and other editors will agree with me— over the last few years, more and more fashion people have brushed past the non-offensive and timeless solitaire gems or dainty, pavé bands in search for jaw-dropping styles that are reflective of someone’s personality, rather than a “safe” trend.

While there’s arguments to be made on how overly-trendy, non-traditional rings may look dated in a few years, jewelers are revealing that the number of couples looking for out-of-the-box engagement rings or vintage styles is on the rise, taking to either designing their rings themselves alongside expert teams or opting to skew towards younger, fresh jewelry designers offering unconventional bridal silhouettes.

“The style of an engagement ring is truly all about who is wearing it and their taste. If you are looking for a more adventurous style, I recommend settings with asymmetrical patterns or scattered diamond shapes on either side of your center stone for a fun and fresh design,” explained Lorraine Brantner, gemologist and James Allen Director of Sales and Service. As someone who’s played around in James Allen custom digital Ring Studio to come up with the wildest (and, to the annoyance of my boyfriend, most expensive creations), I can attest to the detail, first-hand. “Whether they’re looking for something simple and classic or elaborate and trendy, we can create something perfect to meet any customer’s needs.”

Woman wearing Toi and Moi style marquis diamond engagement ring.

If shopping in-person is more your speed when it comes to a fully unique design, look no further than The Clear Cut, lthe argest digitally native only natural diamond company in the United States. Founder Olivia Landau has built a cult of personality when it comes to her bespoke Earth-mined diamond engagement ring process, working 1-on-1 with clients to fully help their designs come to life via a dedicated portal and regular video calls.