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“Funny Bunny” Nails Are the Key to Looking Polished from Top-to-Toe This Summer

As a beauty editor, I’m often trying a lot of trending nail colours. From nail art to the nail trends, I want in. But as much as I love experimenting with my nails, you sometimes can’t beat a classic. Which is why Funny Bunny nails will always have a special place in my roster of my all-time favourite nail colours.

What Is Funny Bunny Nails?

OPI’s Nail Lacquer in Funny Bunny is a favourite nail colour shade amongst the Who What Wear UK team, including managing editor Poppy Nash.

So why are funny bunny nails so popular? Funny Bunny, a now iconic nail colour by OPI, is often hailed as the perfect milky white nail colour by celebrity nail tech and salon go-ers alike. One coat gives a sheer veil of colour and two gives a more opaque milky finish that is still sheer allows your nails to show through. And it’s so chic.

Glazed donut nails using OPI Funny Bunny

It suits all skin tones, and it comes in both nail polish and also a gel version if you’re getting your mani done in-salon. It pairs seriously well with other nail colours (many swear by Funny Bunny and Bubble Bath as their signature manicure combo if you’re after a milky-pink colour) and it really look off when Hailey Bieber’s manicurist, Zola Ganzorigt, made glazed donut nails a thing, which sees Funny Bunny paired with a white chrome powder. It’s a great nail colour choice if you love neutral polishes but want something more milky-looking than a pink shade.