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Harry Styles fears commitment?

Harry Styles fears commitment?

After the recent split between Harry Styles and Taylor Russell, an expert analyzed what British pop icon views could be on making life-long plans.

The singer has dated some well-known celebrities including Taylor Swift but relationship expert Tina Wilson said he may has valid reasons to avoid full-on comittment.

She opined that his wild fame and busy lifestyle are making him unable to find a long-lasting relationship, and that is why he ends up in premature romances, according to OK!.

“Harry’s fast-paced busy lifestyle likely pushes him to jump into romances prematurely. This constant cycle of new partners prevents him from experiencing the deeper, more fulfilling aspects of love that develop over time.”

Weighing in on Harry’s breakup with Taylor, she said it may not necessarily be true the distance caused them to part ways.

“Given Harry’s huge celebrity profile and successes – he is one of the UK’s most eligible bachelor,” Tina said. 

“But this can often muddy the waters when it comes to finding love. In terms of Taylor and Harry, perhaps distance was an issue as they seem to be on different continents. There is a chance they were ultimately not on the same path.

The love guru advised the young bachelor to take a time off from dating and focus on personal growth which will help him navigate these issues.

“If this is the situation, it’s even more important for Harry to reassess his approach to relationships and pick a match that is more suited to him. A break from the dating scene could provide the clarity needed to understand his needs better.”

“Focusing on personal growth and slowing down rather than jumping into another high-profile romance might be the key to finding lasting love.”

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