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Horizon expert ‘pressurised’ by Post Office over Misra evidence

Mr Jenkins said he felt, prior to the prosecution, that he was being pressurised by the Post Office to make out that Horizon was “perfect” in commenting on a report written by an expert witness for the defence.

He added that the management of Mrs Misra’s case was “fairly chaotic”, and that requests from the Post Office legal department had been unclear.

Nevertheless, in an email discussing Mrs Misra’s case in 2010, he wrote that Mrs Misra “saw an article in [tech publication] Computer Weekly indicating that Horizon was unreliable and decided to jump on the bandwagon”.

Mr Jenkins said this was “totally inappropriate wording” and apologised.

Lead counsel for the inquiry Jason Beer asked Mr Jenkins whether he had been able to give evidence dispassionately, or had he been “afflicted” with the belief that sub-postmasters were jumping on the bandwagon in blaming Horizon for shortfalls.

Mr Jenkins said that he didn’t think Horizon was the problem, and that there were “other reasons” for shortfalls.

Responding to Mr Jenkins’ evidence, Mrs Misra said she felt that the former Fujitsu engineer’s comments showed the culture in the Post Office at the time, which was that sub-postmasters were to blame for shortfalls, rather than Horizon being at fault.

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