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I Adore Party Dressing—Here’s Where I Shop for My Most “Wow” Pieces

We’re fast approaching that time of year again. You’re dusting off the decorations, you’ve started writing your gift list (for others but also for yourself) and the Quality Street tin has officially become part of your coffee table décor. It is, of course, party season. As fashion editors, we adore this time of year because it’s an excuse to dress up, but we know that for others, this very thing can be a little overwhelming. A diary brimming with events—the work Christmas party, hosting friends for dinner, the annual big family gathering on Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve, plus any other occasions you might have planned—can make December feel like a slew of soirées where sequins and satin are almost mandatory. Year after year at Who What Wear UK, we’re asked the same questions: “How can I stand out? Where can I find pieces that I can also wear outside of festive events?” And, the one we get the most: “How can I avoid spending a fortune?” 

One site I often recommend, and regularly turn to myself, is YOOX. If you’re at all like me, your local delivery person will already know you as the one on the street consistently getting deliveries from these aforementioned retailers, but YOOX can at times come a little more under the radar. That is until now. Let me fill you in on a secret: if you’re looking to save a little without compromising on style or quality, YOOX is the fashion editor’s go-to. Not only does it have designer favourites like Dolce&Gabbana, Jacquemus and Versace, but it also carries some of the more affordable brands we love, such as COS, ARKET and Calvin Klein Jeans. 

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