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If You Told Me This £45 M&S Dress Was Designer, I’d 100% Believe You

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When it comes to dress shopping, finding something that’s both classic and cool is a tall order—the two just aren’t usually mutually exclusive. So, when you do come across a dress that feels on-trend but, somehow, also incredibly timeless, it’s not the sort of thing you should let pass you by. Which is why I wanted to share this with you: a very chic dress option from Marks & Spencer which, yes, is a formidable combination of these two things. 

I first spotted it on influencer Liv Madeline; a sleek, well-cut black bandeau dress I had to assume came from a high-end label. Minimal but impactful, it’s clean lines mimic the types of dresses usually found at a higher price point. So, you can imagine my delight when I tapped my screen and a Marks & Spencer tag appeared. 

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