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I’m a Beauty Editor—This Base Product Is My Secret to Luminous Skin

Is it just me, or is finding the perfect foundation really tricky? Even as a beauty editor, I have always struggled to find a foundation that ticks all the boxes. Some are too heavy, some are too light, some cling to dry patches and some look a little too glowy for my liking. I was about to give up on my search, until one day I came across a serum foundation, and now I’ve never looked back.

If you’re yet to try a serum foundation, let me introduce you to the base product that made me fall in love with makeup all over again. As the name suggests, these products work just like a normal foundation while providing many of the skincare benefits that a serum can give. If your complexion is in need of a little boost this summer, I highly recommend giving one a go.

Below, I’ve rounded up my favourite serum foundations for you to try. I’ve even enlisted the help of an expert to answer all of your pressing questions on serum foundations so that you know exactly what to expect from this clever hybrid product. Keep on scrolling to discover your best skin yet…

What Is a Serum Foundation?

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