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I’m in My Elegant Era—These 4 Outfits Are Going to Look Good Forever

As a fashion editor with over 17 years of experience behind me, it’s safe to say I’ve tried on more clothes than you’ve had hot dinners, witnessed It pieces a-plenty and seen more trends come and go than the average person. I’m still thrilled by the start of each new season—nothing gets me buzzed quite like a fresh drop—but I now know precisely how to build upon a carefully considered and curated wardrobe; after decades of practice, I can expertly select items that I know I’ll get plenty of wear out of rather than getting swept up into a frenzy of fads.

Over time, I have also come to better understand my body shape and what I feel most comfortable in, and more recently, I have been able to slowly pivot the contents of my wardrobe to my needs as a working mother, so if there’s one thing you can rely on me for it’s inspiring yet sensible purchases where quality, fit and timelessness are paramount. When it came to packing for a recent chic countryside getaway, I knew there was one brand I could turn to to help me craft a concise, versatile and easy capsule wardrobe: Polo Ralph Lauren.

At the American brand’s core is a range of iconic, unwaveringly popular items that speak to summer jaunts, preppy excursions and sophisticates in the sun: nautical-inspired navy blazers that will never date, Oxford shirts that can be worn in myriad ways, classic linen trousers that whisper of luxury; and retro-inspired sportswear you can dress up or down (should you want an exercise hit whilst travelling). These designs may be born in the USA, but I’m convinced there is a relaxed European elegance to everything Ralph Lauren sprinkles with its heritage, and the latest Polo collection provided me with the easiest suitcase-packing task I’ve ever undertaken. And so, as I’m embarking upon a more grown-up way of dressing these days, I thought it would be helpful to share my finds with you.

Keep scrolling for the elevated outfits I packed and (most importantly) loved wearing.

Polo Ralph Lauren summer 2024 collection

Style Notes: There are many things you can trust Polo Ralph Lauren to do spectacularly well, but tailoring is really up there. Impeccable lines, premium fabrics and attention to detail put its blazers, trousers and shirting in a league of their own. I always think it’s worth choosing a strict colour palette when you are attempting to pack light, and for the summer months, nothing is more versatile and expensive-looking than navy combined with white and tan.

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