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India’s preference should be peaceful neighbourhood, says Pakistan envoy to US

Pakistani Ambassador to United States Masood Khan posing for a picture at the Pakistan House in Washington, USA, on May 30, 2024. —X/@Masood__Khan. 
  • Masood Khan emphasises on reducing poverty to zero.
  • Khan calls for establishing responsible financial system.
  • He terms peace, security in region a global shared goal.

WASHINGTON: Pakistan Ambassador to the US Masood Khan has said that India’s progress would become much more respectable if they have good relations with their neighbours.

“India’s preference should be neighbourhood first and it should be peaceful neighbourhood,” said the ambassador, and advised the neighbouring nation to invest in economic connectivity.

Ambassador Khan made these remarks while talking to Tim Horgan of World Affairs Council of New Hampshire during the ‘Global in the Granite State’ podcast.

The comments from the top Pakistani diplomat in the US came as India gears up for government formation after the announcement of election results in which Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) fell short of required majority needed in the Lok Sabha.

However, Narendra Modi was nominated as the prime minister for the third consecutive term by the National Democratic Alliance (NDA).

‘US should maintain balance in ties with S. Asian states’

Meanwhile, Masood Khan has stressed that the US should maintain a strategic balance in relationships with South Asian countries.

Noting that the US was overly aligned with India which was negation of traditional policy of maintaining strategic balance in the relationship with South Asian countries, he said that restoration of equilibrium would contribute to peace and security of the region.

He, however, noted that Pakistan had its own independent space vis-à-vis United States and “we want to use up that space in the economic and defence realms.”

Commenting on US-China relations, the ambassador observed that the “United States leadership has been managing the relationship with great care and wisdom.”

He also noted that the recent visits had set the ground for collaborative model, not a confrontational model.

“The shared goal for Pakistan, United States and all leading nations of the world is to have peace and security in the region,” said the envoy.

He also emphasised on reducing poverty to zero saying that the world must pursue the goal of eradicating impoverishment.

“When we talk about Global South, the priority number one should be elimination of poverty, eradication of poverty,” he said.

Khan said a responsible international financial system should be established enabling countries to set themselves free from the debt.

“We should also have a responsible and responsive international financial system” to enable countries walk out of the debt trap and to make the economies more resilient and self-sufficient, he added.

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