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Infected blood inquiry: 1Xtra DJ reveals grandad was victim

Growing up, Kaylee, from Birmingham, says there was a lot of stigma around people like her grandad living with hepatitis and HIV.

“It was like a big secret,” she says. “You wouldn’t speak about it.

“It’s a big thing in the news at the moment but this has always been something in our life.

“And I think by the time I was a teenager, my family was a little bit more open about it.”

The inquiry report also found that what happened to people like Graham was “not an accident”.

Its author, Sir Brian Langstaff, said: “The infections happened because those in authority – doctors, the blood services and successive governments – did not put patient safety first.”

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has apologised for the scandal and has pledged that victims will receive compensation.

For Kaylee, the most important thing is closure.

“I miss him so much,” she says. “He was just so funny, always just made me laugh.

“Even though my grandad didn’t get it, I’m so happy and blessed that my mom and my aunties have that closure because it was their dad.”

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