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J.McLaughlin’s Holiday Classics – Julia Berolzheimer

Outfit Details:

J.McLaughlin Turtleneck, Sweater, Scarf & Bag

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The holiday season brings a perfect opportunity to find gifts that embody the joy and sparkle of this special time of year. J.McLaughlin‘s holiday collection is designed to do just that. It includes luxurious cashmere sweaters and turtlenecks for women in festive shades, and wool and cashmere pullovers for men in rich tones, as well as fashionable seasonal coats for the cooler weather. The wonderful selection extends to an array of accessories like scarves, gloves, bags, sunglasses and more. Choose J.McLaughlin for holiday gifting and delight the women and men in your life with memorable gifts that blend classic comfort with undeniable style! And save 20% now with code Julia20!

mens and womens winter style

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This woven suede crossbody bag comes in several versatile colors, blending elegance and functionality for a chic and functional accessory.

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Indulge in luxury with this super-soft cashmere turtleneck in a vibrant ruby shade, offering warmth and timeless style for the winter season.

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Help the men in your life stay cozy and chic this winter with these 2-in-1 leather gloves,  featuring a removable lining for customizable comfort.

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