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Jessica Biel to part ways from Justin Timberlake after Britney Spears controversy?

Jessica Biel reportedly finding it hard to forgive Justin Timberlake for what he did to Britney Spears

Jessica Biel has been going through a difficult time since Britney Spears exposed the reality of her husband, Justin Timberlake, in her memoir The Woman In Me.

This is not the first time The Candy star’s life has been struck with controversy, as Timberlake has previously been accused of cheating on her.

Hence, it is hard for her to trust him when people around her think she’s married to a ‘creep,’ an insider told In Touch Weekly.

The revelation that Timberlake forced Spears to abort their baby and details of his cheating on Spears have caused major tension at home for the couple.

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“It’s a nightmare that just won’t go away,” the insider said. “It’s been very hard on their marriage.”

Despite everything, “Jessica’s standing by Justin,” the insider said but revealed that “it must bother her to know he treated Britney so abominably in the past.”

“She can’t escape feeling tortured by his cheating past,” the source said, adding, “Jessica always prided herself on her great marriage, but it’s taken a few hits in recent years. It pains her that people think she’s married to a creep.”

To top it all off, Timberlake says he was very young when Spears got pregnant and tries to justify what he did, which makes it harder for Biel to forgive him.

“How can Jessica forgive Justin if he won’t even say he’s sorry?” the tipster asked, adding, “He’s been avoiding the whole situation entirely — and it hasn’t been good for their relationship.”

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