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Kay Burley says she ‘wishes’ she had breast cancer instead of her sister

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Sky News presenter Kay Burley has said that she wishes she had breast cancer instead of her younger sister.

The straight-talking host opened up about the illness that has taken the lives of her mother, grandmother, and aunt, in a candid new interview with The Times.

After the 63-year-old was told she had an 80 per cent risk of suffering from cancer, she had a scare herself a few years ago. But last year she received the news that her sister had received the dreaded diagnosis.

“My sister Jacqueline was diagnosed with breast cancer last year,” she said.

“She’s my kid sister, she’s got three grandchildren under three and, to be honest, I wish I had it instead of her. I would rather it was me than her.”

Although the broadcaster has regular genetic testing for the disease, she said she still felt uncertainty about her future.

“My family history is not great for longevity, so I’m always reminding myself. I just don’t know how long I’ve got.”

Jacqueline has been undergoing treatment for the condition, with Sky News powerhouse Kay recently sharing an update following an operation.

(Instagram @kayburley)

“Update: Thank you to all of you who regularly ask about my baby sister, Jacqueline,” she wrote in an Instagram post last month.

“She’s had her cancer op. It was a big deal but she’s as strong as an ox.

“This was us in January. I hope it will be us next January and the one after that and the one after that ad infinitum.”

Earlier this year, Burley shared her support for Kate Middleton, after her cancer diagnosis was revealed. She paid a touching tribute to her sister’s cancer journey in the process.

“Thoughts with Kate and her family and hugs to all families who are dealing with the spectre of cancer in their family,” she wrote in March.

“Especially my baby sister, Jacqueline, who has been stoic in her determination to take on a disease that claimed both my mother and grandmother.”

The presenter added: “Doesn’t she look fabulous in her wig?”

Speaking on Good Morning Britain in 2018, Burley recalled how her mum died at the age of 57.

“My mum died when she was my age. My little boy was eight months old. It still makes me sad actually just to think about it.”

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