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Lindsay Hubbard shares glimpse of her mystery man

Lindsay Hubbard shares glimpse of her mystery man

Lindsay Hubbard opened up about the struggle of keeping her pregnancy undercover.

The 37-year-old Summer House star took to her official Instagram account on July 8 and revealed to her fans her busy schedule while pregnant.

Hubbard shared a carousel with a picture of her mystery man.

Hubbard began her caption with, “4 weddings, 2 magazine cover shoots, 1 WWHL, 1 reunion taping, a sandwich shop opening, 1 Kleinfeld launch event, and a magazine party.”

Revealing the snaps she shared are from her first trimester, “Most all in my first trimester, and all before I announced.”

She continued, “Hiding this news has been one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do! (Mentally, emotionally, and physically).”

And listed down multiple events and work she attended in the past two months in the caption.

Moreover, she also posted a photo with her mystery man but covered his face with a brown heart emoji, not revealing his identity.

Previously, on her social media, Hubbard announced the news that she is expecting a baby with her unnamed boyfriend.

She told People magazine that her man wants to stay away from the spotlight

“He’s a private person, mostly because of his high-powered job. Obviously, I’m a very public [person] and share pretty much every aspect of my life with the world, so I know it’s weird. But I need to respect his privacy here.”

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