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Man breaks up with girlfriend after saying she’d cheat if he got a new job

A man broke up with his girlfriend after she told him she would cheat on him if he got a new job.

In a post shared to the Am I the Asshole forum on Reddit, a man explained that he had been offered a new job overseas and had been considering the position. He wrote that the new job would pay a lot more than his current one but it would also take him away from home for longer periods.

“I am currently at a job where I earn about $250,000 a year. I have an opportunity for a job where I will get $640,000 a year,” he wrote. “The caveat being that the new job is overseas. I will be gone for four months at a time instead of four weeks at a time.”

He added that his girlfriend was unhappy about the situation, telling him she didn’t want him to be gone that long since she’d get lonely. But he told her that if he stuck out of the job for two years, it would set them up for “a bright future” that would include being able to pay off all of their debts, buy a house, and travel more.

She replied that all those things didn’t matter to her, noting that if he was gone for too long she may need to find company, hinting that she would cheat. At first, he didn’t realize what she was alluding to, telling her she could buy a dog or make new friends at work or school.

“She then spelled it out because I was stupid to think she was a decent human,” he wrote. “She said that she wasn’t going to go for months without sex.”

After telling her he completely understood, he broke up with her. Since then, the girlfriend has backtracked her comments, calling and texting him saying that he misunderstood her and would never cheat.

“I’m gone for a month at a time now so I’m pretty sure she’s been ‘lonely’ before,” he wrote. “I can’t trust her and I’m not going to try and build a future with someone who can’t think about plans.”

In the comment section, people commended him for making a smart move.

“Finally, someone on here who believes the person when they tell them exactly who they are,” one person wrote.

“It’s pretty stupid and ballsy to just say ‘do what I want when I want or I’ll start having sex with other people,’” another added. “If she loved him she was insane and cruel to play with his affection that way, and if she was using him she’s even crueler and much dumber to say what she did because it let him see the petty ugly face she’d been masking!”

“You’re better off without someone who threatens to cheat on you because you’re pursuing a better opportunity,” someone else commented. “It sounds like you dodged a bullet.”

To which the original poster replied: “I honestly thought it was an amazing opportunity for us to do something most people our age don’t get to do. I was going to pay off her student loans.”

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