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Martha Stewart ‘gave up Thanksgiving’ last week, but now she says, ‘It’s not true!’

Martha Stewart canceled Thanksgiving — or did she? Woah, there was clearly a misunderstanding.

Days after the lifestyle-guru extraordinaire appeared on “The Kelly Clarkson Show,” announcing that she was “turkeyed out” and “gave up Thanksgiving,” Stewart, 82, is walking back that shocking statement.

“I gave up Thanksgiving,” Stewart told Clarkson, noting that several of her invited guests had canceled. “I called up my chef friend, and I said we’re not doing Thanksgiving. I’ve also cooked like 14 turkeys already for my TV show.”

Stewart said she was planning instead to visit five different friends for the holiday and taste their various courses. Apparently the prized homemaker didn’t realize that her cavalier remark would make national headlines, because now she’s issued an official statement to reassure the public that Thanksgiving is still on.

“It’s not true that I gave up Thanksgiving!” Stewart wrote Monday on Instagram. “What I cancelled was the planned gathering at my house due to guest cancellations and new travel plans! Instead, I am busy prepping to bake thirty pies — and I promised to bring a stuffed and roasted 20-pound organic, heritage bird to my friend Stephen Sill’s home to supplement the rest of his buffet.

“I am baking lemon tarts, cranberry tarts, chocolate pecan pies, pecan pies and pumpkin pies,” she continued.

Stewart also plans to dedicate two days during the holiday break to tending her garden, which she said includes planting 75 peonies and digging up “hundreds of other peonies for relocation.”

“Leaves are systematically being blown and composted, compost is being spread atop all the flower beds, and burlap coats are being made to cover the hundreds of boxwood shrubs for the cold winter ahead,” she wrote.

Stewart also invited her followers to send photos of their Thanksgiving meals or “beautifully set tables” for a future blog post on her website.

She concluded with a statement hoping for a more peaceful world.

“I hope that soon we will see an improvement in our world’s affairs,” she wrote, adding that she wanted “some resolution” to the wars between Russia and Ukraine, and Israel and Hamas. “Our world needs some good news — its people need respite from political, environmental, and social conflicts.”

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