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Meghan Markle desperate to make new venture work

Meghan Markle desperate to make new venture work

Meghan, the Duke of Sussex, is planning to launch her new podcast after cancellation of Archetypes and she is willing to do anything to make her new venture work.

According to a PR expert, Meghan Markle will seek help of her Hollywood A-lister friends, including Priyanka Chopra, Abigail Spencer, and Wendell Pierce, for her new project.

PR expert Kayley Cornelius claimed that Prince Harry’s wife is set to revive her podcasting career after parting ways with Spotify last year.

“Initially, we might expect her to call in favours from her remaining friends and work through their networks,” the expert told The Express.

“For instance, long-term friend Priyanka Chopra, who did not feature on ‘Archetypes,’ could be among the first names Meghan considers.”

She went on to reveal that the former actor could also bring her former Suits star as she is desperate to revive her career amid alleged financial woes.

“Other potential guests could include friends from her ‘Suits’ days, such as Abigail Spencer and Wendell Pierce, who likely remain accessible points of contact for Meghan,” Cornelius added. 

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