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Michael Mosley: Symi search in remote area as CCTV shows star

At 06:00 local time firefighters started searching a 4 mile (6.5km) radius over a mountainous area that is surrounded by sea, said Manolis Tsimpoukas who organises searches for missing people on the Dodecanese Islands, of which Symi is apart of.

Asked if there had been any sign of Dr Mosley, he said there has been “nothing”.

A source directly involved in the search told BBC News the search is focusing on the mountainous area between areas of the island Pedi and Symi. The source described it as “not easy terrain”.

One theory that has emerged was that Dr Mosley was trying to take a much longer route than previously thought, passing over miles of exposed hillside. Dr Mosley’s accommodation was in the main town.

CCTV images appear to capture the broadcaster in Pedi’s main street holding an umbrella about 20 minutes after leaving the beach.

The BBC has seen a second piece of CCTV footage from a nearby premises showing a man wearing the same clothes and carrying the same umbrella which was time stamped at 13:50.

Officials are now understood to be excluding the possibility the father-of-four came to harm while walking between the beach and Pedi.

Separate CCTV, from a house at the edge of Pedi’s marina at the far end of the village, shows Dr Mosley later entering a mountain path at about 14:00 local time, PA said.

A member of the rescue team described the search as a “race against time” and said he could be “anywhere”.

“The path is not easy to follow, if he took a wrong turn, he would be lost,” she told PA.

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