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Moderna, Merck: MRNA Therapy Cuts Skin Cancer by 49 Percent

Moderna and Merck have released data, according to their press release, showing a reduced “risk of recurrence or death by 49%” in patients with skin cancer.

The study involved 157 patients with high-risk stage III/IV melanoma. The patients underwent surgery to remove cancerous growths. One group of patients received a dose of one milligram of the mRNA treatment every three weeks for nine doses and 200 milligrams of Keytruda, Merck’s monoclonal antibody treatment, every three weeks for about a year.

“We are committed to driving research forward for innovative modalities in earlier stages of cancer, where we can make the most meaningful impact for patients, by combining Merck’s expertise in immuno-oncology with Moderna’s innovative mRNA technology,” Dr. Marjorie Green of Merck Research Laboratories said. “We are pleased to see the results from this planned analyses on recurrence-free survival for V940 (mRNA-4157), and look forward to working with Moderna in expanding our clinical development program for the individualized neoantigen therapy.”

Moderna’s stock fell 50% this year, but on Thursday, its shares rose 12% to $87.93 in mid-day trading, according to CBS News.

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