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New Yorkers Know Their Sneakers, 7 Styles They’re Coveting for Summer 2024

If you’re looking to discover the next pair of sneakers that you’re going to drool over, there’s no better place to start searching than the streets of New York. Every corner I turn, I feel like I’m influenced to purchase a different style. It’s also fun to watch how quickly a pair of shoes will go from the purchase of one or two it-girls until suddenly on every block you see them.

I wanted to get ahead on what’s next so I decided to ask some of my favorite style muses what sneakers they’re coveting and wearing for the rest of 2024. The results certainly came as a surprise for me. I’ve chosen fashionable people who are the first to step into a new trend, so I trust the sneakers they’ve stepped into for the first half of the summer are worth noting. Below, find 7 sneakers I’m suddenly convinced that I need to buy.


“I think the reason why I like these so much is because they are colourful and colour looks perfect with a tan! But also, they come with different laces and you can add charms so they are very customizable. For me the perfect sneaker is a bit chunky but not too much and mostly they need to be comfortable so these check all the boxes!”


best summer sneakers

“I recently packed these sneakers for my first vacation of the summer and I can’t imagine a better shoe for navigating cobblestone streets in. They’re very functional and comfortable, they almost feel like you’re wearing a training shoe but at the same time they’re extremely feminine and flattering. Copy me and style yours with a pearl anklet, you won’t regret it.”


best summer sneakers

“My favorite sneakers are these Nike x Supreme Courtposites. But the Courtposite has slowly become my go-to sneaker—it’s not too chunky but provides a lot of support and is sleek and easy to style with everything.”

best summer sneakers

“I’ve been obsessed with the Notice Sneakers from Dolce Vita, specifically the Silver Distressed Leather style for summer in the city. They’re so fun and the pop of metallic pairs perfectly with everything. I also love styling them when I want to dress up a more casual look to run around the city. Silver goes with everything!”


best summer sneakers

“My sneaker for the summer is the Isabel Marant sneaker wedge. First of all it is such an iconic and nostalgic shoe, and secondly wedges are meant to be worn in the summer. Iconic all and all.”