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Normally, I Hate Denim Dresses, But These Outfits Changed My Mind

Let me get this off my chest… I’m not the biggest fan of denim. Don’t get me wrong; inherently, I’m aware of the universal appeal of this textile, as jeans are a perennial staple for so many people. But personally? It’s a whole different story. Part of my beef with denim is that jeans are not only incredibly uncomfortable but can be hard to shop for if you’re a curvier woman (like me). On top of that, my distaste for denim is derived from the fact that it can be, dare I say, a bit too basic at times. Frankly, I know I’m not alone in my sentiments, as others undoubtedly despise the mere idea of squeezing into rigid denim. Luckily, an alternative way to adopt this textile is jean dresses.

For those who aren’t necessarily fans of denim, dresses are the easiest way to slowly embrace this textile (speaking from personal experience here). Admittedly, t some of the same concerns can come up when dealing with this piece—after all, some jean dresses can look, well, dated. But alas, I’ve learned through extensive image research that there’s no shortage of examples showcasing how denim dresses can be downright chic. In an effort to convert my fellow denim haters to the cause, I’ve rounded up 20 jean dress outfits with styling tips and shopping recommendations. Not only will these looks show you how to style a jean dress, but they may even make you a denim person (they did for me, at least).

What You’ll Need: Denim Mini Dress + White Polo + Red Crescent Bag + White Socks + Black Mary Janes