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Piers Morgan gives ‘low blow,’ to monarchy, spills ‘guilty party’ in ‘racist row’

Piers Morgan gives ‘low blow,’ to monarchy, spills ‘guilty party’ in ‘racist row’

Piers Morgan is called out for naming the two ‘racist royals’ who commented upon the skin colour of Prince Archie.

In his show this week, Piers blatantly spoke about the names of two family members who raised concerns whether Archie will be dark.

Blaming the damage also on the Royal Family, historian Dr Tessa Dunlop tells the Mirror: “It feels like a low blow – one that even Harry and Meghan in their hour of pain, post-royal family departure, couldn’t bring themselves to deliver – the names of the two individuals who allegedly expressed concerns about the skin colour of Meghan’s unborn child.

“It took Omid Scobie, another royal hack, but one unusually on the side of the Sussexes, to denote that bomb – albeit in error via a Dutch translation of his book. Then a ‘shock-jock’ (yes Piers, I am shocked) smeared the filth across the British mainstream media.

She then adds: “Will the naming of the ‘guilty’ party harm the monarchy? In terms of their individual standing, this will blow over.”

Speaking about royal author Omid Scobie’s bombshell book, the expert continued: “Omid’s book is yet another reminder that the monarchy did not do enough to protect Meghan, Britain’s first working royal woman of colour, from racist smears. We will with never know the truth of that exchange about unborn Archie – I expect the Royal family will stick to ‘recollections may vary’ – but a constructive conversation with the couple about their concerns is long overdue.”

“More broadly the optics aren’t great: beyond the ‘terribly white’ balcony at the coronation (why couldn’t they have included some pageboys and girls from the Commonwealth?), Buckingham Palace’s admission it is ‘not where it would like to be’ on staff diversity says it all,” she noted.

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