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Prediction: These 5 Celebs Will Have Bought These 5 It-Buys by Summer

I like to daydream about being a stylist. Taking my favorite celebrity’s sense of style and decorating it with it-buys that I think they’ll love…a dream come true. I’ve decided instead of waiting for these celebrities to hire me, I’m going to take matters into my own hands. Now that summer has arrived the fashion world is buzzing with anticipation, not just for the trends that will dominate the streets but also for the celebrities who will set them. What will they be wearing? At dinners and pilates classes alike, we’re all buzzing across the room with our predictions.

Every year, a handful of A-listers lead the charge in showcasing the must-have items, and this year will be no different. From Jacob Elordi in the Row to Kendall Jenner in Alaïa, I’m taking my best on the below 5 predictions.

Jacob Elordi x The Row

(Image credit: Getty Images)

Jacob Elordi is the king of wearing a very cool bag. Seen in the Andiamo at the peak of it’s entry in society, I’ve been wondering what his next purchase might be. I have a really good feeling that the Margaux bag from The Row is up next for him.

Jennifer Lawrence x Hermès

Sabrina Carpenter x Prada

Sabrina Carpenter wearing Prada mules

(Image credit: Getty Images)

When I think of Sabrina Carpenter, I think of the “pretty things” trend. With ribbons, bows, and “more is more” being the centerpoint of her closet, of course if she hasn’t already purchased the satin Prada mules they’re coming her way.

Jennifer Lawrence photoshopped wearing Hermes bag

(Image credit: Getty Images)

If you’re in the market for an Hermès bag, you’ll need to move fast if you’d like to get your hands on this one. The printed silk material has a vintage feel to it that will guarantee compliments and since Jennifer Lawrence is on top of everything, I’m sure this bag will be in her hands very soon.

Lily Rose Depp x Miu Miu

Lily Rose Depp wearing Miu Miu sneakers

(Image credit: Getty Images)

With her being the definition of chic French girl meets L.A. there’s no cool sneaker that probably hasn’t graced the toes of Lily Rose Depp. I’d be shocked to hear it if she isn’t already thinking about the New Balance x Miu Miu collab that every fashion person is clamouring over.

Kendall Jenner x Alaïa

Kendall Jenner photoshopped wearing a pink dress

(Image credit: Getty Images)

Long and sleek silhouettes look absolutely killer on Kendall Jenner and she never fails to pull out a dress that has me running towards my laptop to ID it and add to cart. Her next purchase? I’m convinced one of these Alaïa dresses will be the next one on her list.