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Prince Harry told of ‘only chance’ to reconcile with King Charles

An expert has advised Prince Harry on how to reconcile with King Charles 

Prince Harry has been told of a way to fix his damaged relationship with his father, King Charles, by a royal expert.

Harry, the Duke of Sussex, last met his father when the King’s cancer diagnosis was made public. The duo sat together for around 30 minutes. He also recently visited the United Kingdom in May but said he couldn’t meet his father due to his Majesty’s busy schedule.

Now royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams suggested a way to reconcile with the King.

“The only chance of any progress being made in improving relations is surely to do so in private. If Harry would fly over and nobody would know or be told, some progress might actually be made” he told The Mirror.

“This is not the way the Sussexes are used to doing things, his appearance on Good Morning America after his last visit was unwise. He did not reveal what he and King Charles had said when they briefly saw each other but talked about how, during periods of ill-health, families tended to come together,” he continued.

“However, if, for example, he decided to wear his Coronation Medal, along with his others, it would send a positive signal to his father,” he concluded.  

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