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Princess Diana credited for Prince William’s ‘modern’ humanitarian project

Prince William’s huge humanitarian project reflects on his late mother Princess Diana’s teachings

Prince William is on a mission to end homelessness in the United Kingdom, a mission heavily inspired by his late mother Princess Diana.

The Prince of Wales launched Homewards a year ago on June 26. On the first anniversary of the humanitarian project, a royal expert has weighed in on the initiative.

“It is one hell of an ambitious project: to show that it’s possible to end homelessness and is something that no government has ever even approached,” Jennie Bond told OK!.

Jennie praised William for being so involved in the project, saying, “I admire the way that William is taking a fresh and modern approach to social problems and becoming actively involved whenever he can, in spite of the pressures of Kate’s illness.”

She went on to credit the late Princess Diana for William’s awareness of homelessness: “The scourge of homelessness is something his mother made him aware of when he was just a young boy.”

“Which other young Prince had ever been shown what it’s like to live on the streets, been taken to visit hostels for the homeless and learned at first hand what it’s like to be down and out?,” she asked.

“Diana must take much of the credit for making William into the person he is, and for his determination to make some real changes to our society. It’s brave to set yourself up for possible failure. The task is a huge one and good on William for trying to make a difference,” she added. 

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