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Queen Letizia of Spain’s secretive affair leaked amid King Felipe’s distress

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Queen Letizia of Spain’s secretive affair leaked amid King Felipe’s distress

Queen Letizia of Spain has just been accused of having had an affair back in 2011.

The news has been brought to the public by veteran royal reporter Jaime Peñafiel.

According to the reporter, King Felipe was left “broken” once the news reached him.

According to a report by the New York Post the news was fed in real time to the King back in 2011 by the Queen’s bodyguards who accompanied her on her secret trip to NYC with her rumored beau Jaime del Burgo.

The author has also revealed, “The bodyguards that protected Letizia wherever and whoever she went with had the obligation to inform.”

“Which is why Felipe had to know that Letizia was cheating on him in real time, given the fact that those bodyguards accompany her when she has official events and when she doesn’t.

It is pertinent to mention that the Queen dated Burgo back in 2002, before her marriage to the King, and he was also once married to her sister, per the same outlet.

There was also a time in 2012 when the artist Cristobal Toral saw the Queen traveling with a man who he believed to be Burgo but she reportedly hid her face in that instance, and hid in the bathroom.

“The fact that she covered her face made him doubt who it was, even though a relatively short time before they had met each other at the UN Spanish Embassy where they chatted with her demonstrating that she had great admiration for his painting,” Peñafiel added as well.

“Intrigued, he decided to repeat his trip to the bathroom. When he returned again to his seat, she not only covered her face but turned to face the window.”

As of right now, the King is said to have been “crushed and destroyed” by the news of this alleged “betrayal” and “wants to get out” of the marriage right now.

Reportedly, “As far as Felipe goes … the damage is not in the s** with which Letizia has been unfaithful to her husband, but in the ruthless feeling.”

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