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Reset In The Desert: Winter Wellness Awaits At These Arizona Resorts & Retreats

If you find yourself getting restless as the year draws to a close, imagine ringing in a new season surrounded by the majesty of the Southwest. With plenty of natural hideouts, Arizona is a destination for all things wellness, and the state is home to

several retreats that are well worth the trip. Whether you choose to regenerate in the state’s forested north, in balmy Phoenix or surrounded by the Sonoran Desert, you’ll leave with a fresh perspective- and plenty of lessons on how to look inwards. Consider the wellness retreats below when planning your next winter trip.

Castle Hot Springs

Located in between Phoenix and Morristown amid the majestic Bradshaw Mountains, Castle Hot Springs is not only Arizona’s original luxury resort dating back to 1896, but also one of the state’s top-rated destinations. With an emphasis on mindfulness and adventure coming together, the resort is full of opportunities to try something new and re-discover your inner voice while doing it. This winter, the resort is hosting a series of brand-new series of yoga and wellness retreats specially tailored to the season- and your personal search. Built around the pricelessness of examining your roots, the retreats span four nights and take place during two upcoming winter sessions. The first is scheduled for December 3rd-7th, while the second is set to take place from January 21st-25th. The retreats offer guests the change to customize their own itinerary, meaning you can decide what activities will best serve your needs.

The resort is also offering a second set of sleep-centric retreats centered on improving participants’ sleep patterns and restfulness. Taking place from February 15th-18th and June 6th-9th, these experiences are led by Dr. Rebecca Robbins, a sleep expert. Spanning three nights each, the retreats incorporate an idyllic natural environment, sleep strategies and guided activities, into a well-rounded introduction to a new and improved sleep cycle. From hiking at dawn to the centering power of yoga exercises, the retreats will hone in on the daily rhythms that sustain a healthy sleep routine.

With an acclaimed background in luxury travel, Castle Hot Springs is a great all-inclusive luxury choice when it comes to taking care of your mind and body in comfort this winter. Whether you choose one of the earlier retreats or the sleep-improving experiences, you’ll have access to hiking trails, natural hot springs, gourmet dining, and the serene solitude of the retreat’s remote location.

Canyon Ranch

Tucked into the desert near southern Arizona’s Sabino Canyon, Canyon Ranch is a renowned Southwestern resort known for its experience-based offerings. Canyon Ranch Tucson is nestled in the Catalina Foothill meadows and offers sunrise views of the Sonoran Desert.

The resort’s Pathways Experience, is a signature resort program specially designed for you. Customized to fit your transformative goals, your itinerary will draw on various wellness aspects, from resetting your lifestyle to re-discovering joy and improving your physical health. This is a promising option for those looking to focus solely on themselves- after all, you know your potential best.

In addition to pathways, the Canyon Ranch Immersions bring together an exclusive, small group of guests for a transformative event centered on the most powerful wellness topics of today. Immersions allow guests to focus on a single core wellness topic for a week and activate the full transformative power of Canyon Ranch over five nights of experiences. This guided immersion introduces you to a group of fellow guests focused on self-improvement. Shared gourmet meals and activities allow guests to form a bond while exploring individual needs.

The resort’s “Just Be Here” option is an even more self-guided way to enjoy the resort. If you opt for this experience, you’ll work with a wellness expert, emerging with a fully customized itinerary and the ability to use any of the services offered by the resort’s Tucson location.

These three ways of approaching wellness allow guests to choose the one that fits their own rhythm best. Set in a beautiful desert landscape, Canyon Ranch bridges the power of place with expert guidance and luxury travel. You’ll emerge well-rested and with the tools you need to continue finding a more profound version of yourself long after staying at the resort.

Miraval Arizona

Also located just north of Tucson, Miraval Arizona is a spa resort that incorporates wellness and intention into guests’ daily stays. The hotel’s online planning tool allows you to select your desired path to get recommendations for how to best organize your stay. Options fall into categories like outdoor adventure, leadership fulfillment, mental wellbeing, spa experience and just simple, no-frills relaxation. The hotel’s spa experience, for example, comes with a sample itinerary featuring a nutritious daily breakfast, a cold stone manicure, breath-work, pool time, skincare secrets and so much more. A sample self- connection itinerary includes a labyrinth journey, yoga, meditative drumming, nutritious meals, and kiva time.

Thanks to its range of options, Miraval Arizona offers wellness experiences customized to your personal choices. Instead of asking guests to participate in one structured program, stays are tailored in an organic, natural way. If you’re looking to delve deeper into your connection between body and soul, consider spa initiatives like the Sonoran Monsoon, an experience centered around restoration and inspired by local seasonal changes. Spa facilities include the serenity pool, steam room, hot tub, sauna and more. Start planning your journey to Miraval here.

CIVANA Wellness Resort & Spa

Tucked into the desert just north of Phoenix, CIVANA is another acclaimed wellness destination. Aptly located in Carefree, Arizona, CIVANA offers personalized wellness experiences. Your custom itinerary can include any of the complimentary wellness classes offered by the resort, allowing you to essentially build your own retreat based on what’s missing. Ranging from spirituality to personal growth and physical fitness, classes can be taken individually or in group settings. If you choose a path forward based on discovering personal growth, for example, you’ll be treated to humanBEING workshops, well-rounded yoga classes, rejuvenating spa experiences and similar experiences. Sample itineraries are available on CIVANA’s easily navigable website.

From cactus walks to sunset sound baths and gourmet dinners, your stay will strike a fine balance between the active and the introspective, all among the natural features of the northern Sonoran desert.

Mii Amo

No wellness search in Arizona is complete without considering the red rock landscape Sedona. Known for its quirks as well as its spiritual pull, Sedona is an iconic self-help destination, and a stay at Mii Amo is a great place to begin your adventure. Set at the foot of dramatic red cliffs, the resort is stunning and harnesses the area’s unique energy. Built on the concept of guest journeys, the resort is bent on offering customized experiences in the comfort of a luxury destination. Journey guides are on hand to lead you through your stay, and experiences span anywhere from three to ten nights.

The ten-night journey, for example, includes access to the on-site spa or outdoors-focused Trail House. All of the resort’s packaged stays include three healthy meals a day at Hummingbird, fresh drinks at the Juice Bar, specialty programs, fitness activities, and lectures. The resort’s spa menu includes sound/light therapy, personal consultations, chakra sessions, aromatherapy massages and more. “Mii Time,” or the chance to look deep inside is emphasized as the most crucial part of your stay at Mii Amo.

Whatever retreat calls your name, remember that your well-being is at the core of any experience. By enjoying a customized stay, you’ll get the chance to address parts of you that normally go unacknowledged, and nurture them with expert support. Arizona’s warm hues, golden sunsets and unique fauna and flora provides the perfect backdrop for simultaneously stabilizing and letting go.

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