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Rihanna wears $1,100 sock shoes for night out in New York City

Rihanna hit the streets of New York City in $1,100 socks on 19 May.

The superstar beauty mogul was photographed walking at night in an ensemble that combined athleisurewear with high-end designer and an unexpected footwear choice. Rihanna donned a nylon tracksuit from the streetwear brand Awake New York. Her $145 tapered white pants had navy blue stripes lining the outside of each leg, matching the arms of her $225 long-sleeve quarter-zip.

Her accessories – a Yankees baseball cap, black sunglasses, and a blue camouflage Dior saddle bag – added to the overall casualness of the look, adding a subtle edge with costly, yet toned-down items. That said, there wasn’t anything low-key about her shoe choice – a pair of Bottega Veneta sock boots.

At first, second and third glance, the mother of two looked to be wearing gray thermal socks on top of white and green striped ones. But would Rihanna really go without shoes in New York? Of course not.

The “Diamonds” artist slipped on the $1,100 Bottega Domenica Boot; a shoe appearing more like knit socks with foldable ribbed cuffs that transform the shape. On the bottom, the Domenica boots have a wooden sole with a black rim.

Rihanna’s latest outfit reflected the performer’s recent fashion preference – being comfy.

Rihanna in New York City wearing Bottega Veneta and Awake NY
Rihanna in New York City wearing Bottega Veneta and Awake NY (GC Images/Getty)

Speaking to Mel Ottenberg for Interview Magazine’s Spring issue, the 36-year-old opened up about how her style mindset has changed since becoming a mother.

“I spend my time getting the kids dressed to death, and then I’m like, ‘What’s the most comfortable outfit to wear around them?,’” she explained. “’What’s not going to feel uncomfortable on their face or on their body or make me feel like I can’t hold them properly?’”

Rihanna added: “Moms are lazy dressers in real life.”

Of course, Rihanna’s “lazy” is still chic. The songstress will wear everything from beaded necklaces instead of a top, belly-bearing catsuits, and structured blazers.

Her husband, A$AP Rocky, has worked closely with big names in fashion, specifically Bottega Veneta. The rapper is known for his emblem multi-clip hairdo and exaggerated silhouettes.

“I be feeling bummy as shit next to this man. I feel like, goddamn, I look like his assistant. I’m getting on a plane. We should be in sweats,” Rihanna told Ottenberg.

“He wants to be in a full Bottega suit. I’m like, ‘Why you got to do that to me?’” she confessed.

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