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Rosie HW Just Wore Leggings With the Shoe Trend That’s Suddenly Back This Season

Unless you have a few hours to spend for a long debate, don’t ever bring up a dislike for leggings around a fashion editor. Though we’ve all had our ups and downs with the elasticised pant, with the help of the quiet luxury trend and the growing activewear market, the the fashion set has now fallen firmly on pro-legging side, making them a mainstay of their wardrobe rotations and styling them to the office, the park, and for a night out time and time again.

It’s not just fashion editors who have caught the legging bug, model and style icon Rosie Huntington-Whiteley continues to make the case for the understated trouser. Twice in one week we’ve spotted Huntington-Whiteley style leggings—and no, she’s not been on her way to the gym, the model has been testing the legging limit, wearing them with pointed toe stilettos, heeled boots and smart blazers, injecting a polished edge into the notoriously casual trouser.

Most recently Huntington-Whiteley revived a classic legging and heels pairing that we haven’t seen much of for about 10 years. The model wore her long-line black leggings looped underneath the sole of her foot, and styled with a pointed-toe court shoe. Though it’s not a pairing we’re used to—you’re much more likely to see leggings styled with a retro trainer or knee-high boot in 2023, her structured jacket balanced the sleek shoe styling for a supremely elegant finish.

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