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Saturday Subculture: 30 years of Glasgow club night

It’s the beating heart of the Scottish clubbing scene – and even thousands of miles away from Glasgow, James ‘Harri’ Hannigan and Domenic Cappello are reminded of the love for the Sub Club.

“We used to joke when we’d go away that there’s always someone who’ll come up with a Sub Club T-shirt and a Sub Club tattoo,” says Domenic, one half of the duo at the core of the Jamaica Street venue.

“We were in Penang [in Malaysia] in a bar joking about how there’s no chance this is going to happen, and as we’re walking out a guy goes ‘Harri and Dom?’ Pretty much everywhere you go people have heard of the Sub Club.”

Part of the reason for that is the duo themselves, who this year celebrate three decades of their Saturday night Subculture slot.

It is the world’s longest-running weekly house and techno night, having kicked off on 9 April 1994 – when Take That were topping the charts, Oasis were just about to release their debut single and Taylor Swift was four years old.

Harri was already established at the club, DJing at Subculture’s predecessor Atlantis every Saturday alongside Scottish clubbing legends Slam, before pairing up with Dom.

“The people that owned the club decided they wanted to change direction,” recalled Harri, speaking to Radio 6 Music .

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